36″ Charcoal Marquina Soapstone


This beautiful soapstone (also known as Steatite) from Brazil is on the harder side, thus making it ideal for kitchen sink use. Marquina is very dense with 0% absorption, which means any staining will only be on the surface and can easily be removed, and it’s heat resistant.
If you want your stone to appear as black, a sealer is needed. With todays technology, engineered sealers are food safe and provide much better results, most will last for a year or more.

Please Note/ Upon request we will gladly send you photos of the actual sinks in-stock for your selection.



Charcoal Marquina Soapstone / Honed

Our farmhouse kitchen sinks are all handcrafted with precision from single blocks of natural stone, (no seams).

Stocking items normally ship in 2-4 days.

The actual color may vary slightly depending on your computer/screen.

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